About IoT Design Shop

IoT Design Shop is a leading developer for Internet of Things (IoT) related technology. We're very excited by the prospects of new emerging technologies and connectivity options which unite the physical and digital world!

We're dedicated to bringing a number of solutions to market including Bluetooth Low Energy Devices, Proximity Systems, and wearables. However, we also believe in enabling others to make progress and do amazing things along side us. Therefore, as we discover and commercialize new technologies, we plan to open up the products and sell kits and tools for helping us to advance them in the world.

Our current areas of interest include:

  • Remote Sensor Technologies - Building infrastructure and frameworks for connecting sensors and data to the cloud. We have core, modular technologies which enable us to connect building blocks like sensors and communication channels together to streamline the process of acquiring and reporting data.
  • Indoor Location and Beacon Technology - Our proprietary beacon systems support standards such as iBeacon as well as enhanced features for more comprehensive "indoor GPS" functionality. 

We're available to help, chat, consult, or just muse about the future. Please visit our main site to find out more.